Job 47 R

This shows the Junipers removed
This pile actually ran twice this long.
During construction
Using field stone as retainer
Arbor over path
This looks way too tall. When the plants grew it got a lot smaller..
Detail of brick on sand
The path from the street.
Front from the street
This shows the front with no lawn and the varied sizes, textures and colors.
iInside the front fence
This showes the walk to the arbor over the mound and the Stone wall ll retainer
Inside the fence
This shows more of the retaining wall and the plantings. Before the lawn was installed.
the retaining wall
New walk way to entry
This showes the walkway replacing the long walk from the drive to the front entry.
Te rock retainer plantred
This shows one way to use the boulder retaining wall with plantings.
Another view of the boulders
A view of the completed brick walk
This shows the walkway with the plantings a couple of years old.
The boulder retaining wall
This showes a different planting in front of the retaining wall.
Inside the courtyard
After the lawn was planted.
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