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Note: These links take you away from The Garden Tutors site.

Anchor Plant and gardening info

Plant and gardening information

Dave Wilson Nursery:  Dave Wilson is a major producer of fruit trees for the commercial grower as well as for the home garden. They have an extensive fruit tree list to peruse. In addition they have many videos about what we call Fruit Bush training. Fruit Bush training is using a combination of close planting and summer pruning.  They sell to the Sacramento Nurseries.

Four Winds Growers: Four Winds ia a major citrus grower for the retail nursery market.  They specialize in dwarf varieties. They have an extensive variety list with descriptions and pictures of most varieties.  They  sell to the Sacramento region. 

Monterey Bay Nursery: Monterey Bay is a wholesale nursery that has an extensive list of perennials, Australian natives, California natives, and new introductions from Australia and New Zealand. plus a good selection of general ornamental plants. Their catalogue is very informative and generally has good pictures. They sell into the Sacramento nurseries.  They have descriptions of hundreds of varieties. They grow so many varieties the availability of many is seasonal.

Bay Laurel Nursery: Bay Laurel Nursery is an internet supplier of fruit trees and roses. they are located in Atascadero California and have an extensive selection of varieties for California's many climates.  

Regans  Nursery:Regans Nursery is a retail nursery in Fremont, Ca. that has an extensive internet order business in bare root roses. Probably the largest selections in the US. They also sell retail year round at their location at 4268 Decoto Rd, Fremont, CA 94555

 Monrovia Nursery: Monrovia Nursery is noted as one of the largest container nurseries in the US. They have a wonderful website with extensive pictures and information. They are also noted for continuously looking for new varieties introduce to the gardening trade.

Daves Gardening  : Daves Gardening site is a wonderful resource for information contributed by gardeners all across the US. You do need to be aware of the fact that posters and commenters come from all over the US and what works there,  what happens there, what grows there may or may not work here. Still, there is a lot of knowledge available. 

Iseli Nursery: Iseli Nursery is located in Oregon and is noted for their unusual conifers: Pines, Firs, Cedars, and other conifers cutting grown or grafted. Although they do sell into Sacramento you might need to see if you can get someone to special order interesting varieties. 

Paver – Stacking Wall Companies

Anchor Paver wall

Calstone:  Calstone is paver company with excellent quality pavers and a fine finish and color selection. Our experience is they make a definite natural stone appearance. 

Basalite : Basalite is well known for pavers and stacking walls. Most at a lower price point than most other manufactures. 

Outdoor lighting Companies

Anchor Lighting

Sollos: Sollos is a mid priced maker of low voltage lighting with very good value. we recommend using only LED fixtures because of their low power use that allows for smaller transformers and wire and bulb longevity that makes maintenance much easier. 

FX: FX is another maker of low voltage lighting. again we recommend LED fixtures. A lot of our installations us FX fixtures.

Kitchler: Kitchler is a high end brand of low voltage living systems.Again we recommend LED bulbs for low electrical use and savings on sire size and transformer size. Their warranty is for 15 years. Lifetime on transformers. 

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