Hardscape samples  and designs

Pavers, walks, benches, and walls 

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three surfaces
Brick, sandstone and black Mexican Beach Pebbles
Wall and Paver
Quarry stone Paver courtyard
Circle kit In walk way
Expansive Paver Patio
Quarry Stone Pavers was used to create a usable patio space.
sand stone stepping stones
These are easy to mow over and can go from lawn to planting areas.
Brick on sand
Wall & patio on hillside
Paver walkway and steps and stoop
New deck, walkway and shade structur
Wooden bench
Two leg wooden bench
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Fences and gates


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Picket fence
This is a Picket fence design we used up in Gold Rush country
detail of fence
Showing how the fence was constructed.
Fence painted
simple 1x2 open fence
Metal free standing fence
This is a metal frame with a mesh made from freeway concrete mesh. the frame is welded and embedded in conc retentions for a long lasting trellis.
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Arbors and pergolas

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Jim's house
pergola 5
pergola 8
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Other items

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Redwood vegetable bed
This is build with "B" grade redwood. An upgraded construction redwood.
Steps from the house
This is a landing and steps that lead from the house to a small back garden.
Dry stream bed
We use a mix of gravel sizes including some 4-6" cobble with landscape barrier under the gravel.
Boulders used as retainer
These boulders create a level space for annual color.
brick steps over a berm
This is brick on sand using 4x4 pressure treated lumber to create steps.
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