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This gallery is just a few of the projects we have designed for our clients. We do small projects that are just a small front yard in downtown Sacramento to large properties in Carmichael and in the foothills. We do yards that are just renewing an old overgrown planting to major hardscaping projects with large patios, pergolas, retaining walls and walkways. 

We approach each project working to create a unique design that fits the needs, wants and budget of each client. 

Anchor Front yard 2

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Job 56

This was a complete re-do of the entry to create the courtyard, and use low water plantings to reduce water use.

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Job  267 J

This was a complete redo of the entire yard. New plants, new drive, new walkway  and new lighting system.

Obviously low water use and because of the very open planting style easy to maintain. 

Johnson 1.jpg

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Job 47

This was a complete redo of a front yard. Previously it was a small lawn and huge juniper hedge. The only entrance was around the corner of the house from the driveway and not readily noticeable.

We had the Junipers removed , added a walk from the side and a walk over the mound to a new courtyard area and installed a light weight fence at the top of the mound to make the courtyard more private.


Then we had the front planted or visual interest with no lawn


The inside of the courtyard was planted in lawn until a paver patio could be installed later. The lawn was accented with a Stone Wall || retaining wall against the back of the mound.

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Job 102 R

This was a redo for a woman with mobility issues. She had problems getting out of the house and wanted a sitting area in front to see and visit with neighbors.

Our solution was a deck to get rid of the large step down to the existing concrete porch. We also had a ramp placed behind the left wall to disguise the ramp. In addition we replaced the narrow 3 ft wide walk with a much more inviting entry. We then added a raised planting area and removed the existing lawn.

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Powers  336 - Version 2.jpg

Job 165 P

This was a remodel of an older home on the edges of Gold Rush country.They wanted an update that was still appropriate for the age and style of the home and the surroundings.

We reduced the lawn area to be appropriate for the water requirements of these times. It included a non traditional picket fence and a paver walkway that simulated a stone path. Outside the courtyard we installed a low water use garden with an old style Decomposed Granite walkway. 

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turner 335 - Version 2.jpg

Job  148 T

This was an almost complete redo of the front yard. It included redoing the drive, front walkway, reducing the lawn area, removal of two trees that were overgrown and new plantings almost completely. 

We new stone on concrete walkway installed, replaced the brick planter, replaced the trees with smaller growing trees, new sod lawn and lighting including in the steps lighting for safety.

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Wilson  348 - Version 2.jpg

Job  159 W

This was primarily a lawn removal project using Sacramento 'Cash for Grass' program 


​We removed the lawn and replaced it with a low water requiring planting without creating a desert landscape. Drip system watering obviously as required for 'Cash for Grass'.

In addition we added the sandstone slab walkway to the street to be more welcoming for visitors.

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Parsons 355 - Version 2.jpg

Job 157 P

This was done to crete an inviting entry to the house. Previously the Wall to the left extended all the way to the drive. It had a 4' cutaway with steps to the upper level. Narrow and was definitely not inviting. 

We shortened the wall and developed wide inviting steps with a landing at each step.

Then we redid the lawn with new plantings to reduce the lawn area.

General pictures

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Anchor Back yard 2

Back Yards

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Job 115

This was a complete re-do of a back yard that started out flat with just lawn and the redwood trees. Boring!

We added mounds, a couple of siting areas, paver walkways a couple of siting walls and an interesting plant selection. 

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Gabriel yard 23.jpg

Job 240 M

Thiis is a yard we visited about three years after installation to take pictures.. All the concrete, walls, kitchen, shade structure and hammock were built by our crews. This was a new home with 2 young kids. 

Although this not an extreme low water plant design, it is low water use appropriate to our water conservation needs of the modern Sacramento region. Note the metal framed shade structure, metal hammock stands, Plank Pavers and concrete with Mexican Beach Pebbles between slabs. 

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Job 123

This was an older home with a beat up patio that was too small. We removed the old patio and installed a paver patio, sitting wall and built in barbecue.

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Job 127

This was a complete redo of half of the yard. We added a patio​ and overhead and completely redid the traffic pathways for the yard. 

The other half of the yard is a pool and pool deck to be redone later. 

Job 112

This is an older home where the owners wanted a yard to entertain in and still be comfortable for the family. we installed a paver patio with a outdoor kitchen with a gas bar-b-que, electricity available and cafe lights. we also included a sitting wall, an openable fabric cover for part of the patio and a horse shoe pit area. 

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Job 97

This a newer home with inadequate patio space and mostly gray and in the opinion of the owners was boring. They wanted a sitting area up on the slope to over see the scenery and enjoy the sunset. 

We enlarged the patio, and added two separate additional patios areas on the slope and at the base. 

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Job 63

This project was designed for a very modern minimalist style of design. Lots of concrete,  DG and a minimum of plants.

General pictures

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