Our story

The Garden Tutors was started in 2005 by Carole as a garden design and education business with the desire to help want-to-be gardeners learn the skills they need to be successful.  Gardening and gardening education has been in our blood for three generations beginning with Carole’s grandparents. They started a retail Nursery and Garden Center called Scenic Nursery in 1949 which grew and expanded with her father Jim Rogers until they won the Modesto Bee's best nursery 12 years in a row. Jim eventually closed the family garden center and installation company, Scenic Nursery, in 2011 with the thought toward retirement and to help out his daughter with her business.

Carole worked in the Nursery starting as a young girl and continued developing plant knowledge and then her design skills until she and her husband, Steve and two children, moved to Sacramento in 2004.


When Jim retired in Modesto and joined Carole in Sacramento, The Garden Tutors expanded its reach they decided to begin to move toward more installations and a more natural style ( not boxed)  seasonal maintenance.


Carole Detherage

Founder - Designer

Carole's interest has always been in design and art. With thirty years in a combination of the retail nursery business and doing garden design in Modesto and Sacramento puts her in a unique position to help you. Her nursery background gives her an extensive background in plants and trees to help choose the right plant for each spot. Her many years in garden design gives her the background to solve your unique problems.


Jim is Carole's dad and they worked together for many years at the family business Scenic Nursery in Modesto. 

Between the nursery business and the landscaping business, he brings a extensive knowledge of the plant choices to create your unique garden as well as how to put them together with patios, arbors, and other hardscape items. His twenty years as the primary designer and supervisor for the landscape business in Modesto brings the ability to create unique gardens for you.