Our Services

Design and Consultation

This is where your new garden starts. The design is critical to a successful garden. Our two hour consultation usually give us time to discuss what you are looking for, suggest ideas that you may not be considering  and create a plan. 

With our background helping hundreds of people  create their personal oasis we usually have Ideas to suggest that the average client hasn't considered.  Ultimately though the decision is yours. 

A key part of our design philosophy is consulting wth the client while the design is being created. We do not go home and crete the design and then show it to you. We let you see and help create the design.  

Usually we can get far enough that the 2 hour consultation is time enough. If not we do offer additional  design time on a bid basis.

Our 2 hour consultation



Our installation is done by our own crews and you are protected by our Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance. We do garden redo and complete renovations, as  well as new landscapes.


We do regrading, walls, concrete, pavers,  pergolas, fences, lighting, water features, and irrigation as well as planting.  Use our contact page, call us, or email us for information and estimates.


We use best practices and the best materials to create the garden you want and deserve. 

Weekly Maintenance

We do weekly maintenance for private residences, commercial buildings, apartment complexes and HOAs This includes mowing, pruning, leaf removal, and clean up,  It can include fertilizing, color planting projects, weed control with pre-emergents as well as other projects that might be needed.

Periodic Residential

We also do periodic maintenance on a yearly, semi annually or quarterly basis for homeowners that can't get the work done or done the way they want it done. We specialize in Natural Pruning which does not leave your plants looking like boxes or trapezoids. We also do slow release fertilizing that lasts up to 6 months for long term results

Commercial Maintenance

Commercial maintenance  is a large part of our maintenance service. We do HOA's as well as commercial sites. lawns, pruning, fertilizing as well as special projects.