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Weekly maintenance includes lawn mowing, pruning, clean up and leaf removal. It also includes special projects like major weed control, major pruning,  Irrigation repair, plant replacement, fertilizing or any other project that might be required. 

It can include a periodic walk through  by one or our gardening experts to catch problems before they become big problems.

Periodic Maintenance

Periodic maintenance is maintenance that is scheduled yearly, bi yearly or quarterly. We specialize in natural pruning where we allow the natural beauty of the plant is allowed to show. No plants shaped like boxes, balls, trapezoids. Careful pruning of Japanese maples  a specialty.


It is intended to supplement  not replace your current weekly maintenance service wheather it is a lawn maintenance service or you and your family.

Commercial  Maintenance

We also do commercial maintenance for HOS's commercial and business sites. This includes weekly mowing, clean up, fertilizing and special projects

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