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 Design and consultation 


Consultation is how we usually get started. It involves a two hour meeting that starts with some questions about what changes you have in mind and your goals. In the case of the back yard or living area one of the questions is how you expect to actually use the living area and if there are any other uses like vegetable growing, dog yards or special utility areas.  

While we can't always get this far, we often can. This includes a scaled hand drawing with plants , walkways, patio areas and construction notes included. This can allow us to give you a bid or gives you enough information to install it yourself.


Our 2 hour consultation

$350.00 Sacramento region

75.00 each additional hour


Our design services are for larger or more complex designs. These are done by individual quote and pricing depends on the complexity of the existing yard and the design that is being considered. 

Prices can run from $750 to $1,000 and up. it generally includes a concept meeting and then a discussion of the actual elements for installation. This can include surfaces of hard paving, materials considered for walls, and pathways. It can also include arbors and pergola designs. This usually starts with a meeting with a discussion about your goals and needs to decide the cost and budget.


A nursery, rock yard, paver yard or visits to other suppliers to see the  materials is often included.

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